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"sci fi in hindi"

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arvind said...

Chandralok ki yatra is not written by Kishorilal as mentioned but by Babu Keshav Prsad Singh.

5:51 AM

arvind said...

popular themes in hindi sci fi writing include memory transfer,planetary travels,mass transportation ,gm items etc.its very feretile field and writers are trying on many themes of their choice.

5:21 AM

arvind said...

Mr.Yugal kumar has also lately join the team of sf writers in india.

6:50 AM

arvind said...

sci fi writing is now gearing up in India,but writers are not often very certain of this genere's central idea.SF is basically an anachronous literature.So it should always be remembered that a sf story should not only depict the cotemporary world istead it should try to extrapolate the future of humanity.

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arvind said...

No one seems interested in sf written in Hindi the official language of India,as no comments have been put on this page sice the post got published.IS ANY ONE ON EARTH interested in Indian sf?

6:48 AM

santosh said...

its really surprising that there is no taker of sf in hindi which is official language of India.Any explanation?

1:09 AM

arvind said...

still not any taker of Hindi sf!Its really surprising.come on please!

7:28 AM

Zakir Ali 'Rajneesh' said...

Agar ise thoda aur vistar se de saken, to achcha ho.
Zakir Ali Rajneesh

11:21 PM

arvind mishra said...

thaks zakir. please help me to expand it.

8:59 AM


scifi as mainstream literature

Science fiction is still not considered as a mainstream literary genre while it contains almost all necessary elements needed for a literary expression.This state of affairs could perhaps be attributed to snobbery of so called mainstraem literaty worldwide which do not relish invasions of a more potential literary venture into their territory.Apathy of publishers towards this emerging field on other hand is another reason why sf is not getting its deserved status amongst common readers.
Its really very unfortunate that a genre which is genuinely concerned directly with the very existence of man on the planet earth or even beyond is stiill in a state of neglect and apathy.A wholehearted sincere effort from all those who are interested in the welbeing of human species on this planet is needed to boost the present sorry state of sf not only in India but in other countries of world including those where this literay genre is said to have originated and evolved from ie Britain and USA.

definition of science fiction

There is a lot of debate and discussions amongst Indian sci fi writers over such a basic issue as what sci fi is realy about?In what best way it could be defined?There is no consensus as yet on the issue but I think that Asimov's views on the genre is crystal clear.I fully endorse his opinion that
Scifi is an imagined literary response to the impacts of science and technologoy on man himself and the society in days to come.It has nothing to do with our contemporary world but deals with a world not familiar to us but may become a reality some day.This is infact a deviding line between contemporary social fiction which is full of man's miseries of his present world and saga of future societies of the world.Fiction and fantasies both contribute to enrich this genre but they must have some science background.That is why despite all the fantastic elements
our many mythological stories especially stories in Hindu mythology depicting heavens and hells can not be grouped under sci fi genre,though they beautifully illustrates enchanting settings of worlds not familiar to us.They appear so unfamiliar that no amount of scientific and technological pregress can convert them into realities for us.More next.

Science fiction in Hindi which is official language of India has now come of age.There are almost a dozen sf writers in Hindi including the author of this blog who are actively and regularily contributing to enrich this literary genre of west in India despite an apathy from traditional Hindi litteraty.Any suggestion to impress Hindi litterateurs?Or they should not be taken any notice of their continued apathy at all?
Arvind Mishra

Indian science fiction writers association,India

It seems no one on the web is interested in Indian SF especially Hindi SciFi which is now coming out of a very long period of oblivion and annonimity.Recent efforts to popularize it by Indian sci Fi writers' Association(ISFWA) is commendable .ISFWA is an autonomous organization with at least 50 active sf writers as it's member.It's quarterly publication of sf stories' VIGYAN KATHA'is first of its kind in India.

Science Fiction Writers Meet In India
8th sci fi writers conference was inaugurated by messiah of Indian sci fi writing Jayant Narlikar.It was an unforgetable experience for me.Participants from many Indian languages and regions expressed their concerns over the state of sf writing in Hindi,Tamil,Marathi,Bengla.Assami,Kannad,Malayalam etc.Auarangabad,Maharastra,India thus became a launch-pad for making Indian scifi a global phenomenon.The dates of the great event ie11 and 12th nov 06shall remain with the golden tinge in history of Indian sci fi.Now looking forward to seeing such a nice event again possibly in Varanasi,cultural and spirutual city of India.

Indian scifi meets Jayant Narlikar
A grand scifi writers meet was organised by Indian assosiation of sci fi studies(IASFS),Vellore,Andhra Pradesh,India on 11th and 12th Nov 06 at Aurangabad,a historical city of Maharastra state of India in cllaboration with Marathi Vigyan Parishad and Viggyan Prasar,New Delhi.The event was inaugurated by messiah of Indian scifi, Jayant Narlikar who spoke at length on many aspects of sci fi,its defininition,good and bad scifi,Indianness in sci fi etc.It was infact 8th Indian scifi writers conference and was represented by warlords of sf writers of many Indian languages including Hindi,Bengla,Assami,Kannad,Marathi,Telagu,Malayalam etc.Another attraction of the event was a lively video conferecing with James Gunn,Head of scifi dept., kansas varsity,USA who inter-ailia spoke on cultural effects on scifi writing. President,IASFS Mr.Purusotthaman also delivered a lecture on scifi writings in different Indian languages.Prof.Narhari spoke on Indian response to world sf.The author of this blog presented an overview cn status of scifi writing in Hindi.Devendra Mewadi a veteran Hindi sf writer also spoke on Hindi sf, The event was a greaf success.

scifi writers in India

Following is the list of prminent sci fi writers in India
In addition to author of this blog,
Shri Devendra Mewari
Zakir ali Rajanish
Manish Mohan Gore
Zeeshan Haidar Zaidi
Ms.Kalpana Kulshresta

Swapnil Bhartiya AND Harish Goyal.
Yugal Kumar is yet another sf writer who has published a few stories
recently. He and his wife Ms Kalpana kulshresta are only couple who both are
writing sf in Hindi.Dr.Rajiv ranjan upadhyaya is president of Indian science fiction writers society and is actively engaged in promotion of the genre.HE HAS PUBLISHED FEW ANTHOLGIES OF HIS OWN STORIES. Other reputed sci fi writers are Jeeshan haider Zaidy and Amit kumar. The list is yet incomplete...


According to some critics like Dr.Shivgopaln Mishra(2000) Aascharya Vrittant written by Amika datt Vyas should be credited as first sf written in Hindi.I tend to agree with the claim.The novellette was publishe ina serial form during 1884-1888 in PEEYUSH PRAVAH aliterary magzine published from Madhya pradesh ,India.This is influeced by Jules Verne'A journey to the centre of the earth'.

sci fi in hindi

Science fiction in India especially in Hindi is in its nascent stage. Though it began in 1900 with the publication of 'chandralok ki yatra' by Babu Keshav prasad singh in Saraswati, a noted Hindi magzine,its only with the advent of Indian Science Fiction Writers Association-ISFWA in 1995 UNDER SECRETARYSHIP OF Dr. ARVIND MISHRA THAT SF WRITING IN INDIA gathered momentum.Presently Arvind mishra, Devendra mewari,Kalpana kulshresta,Harish Goyal, Dr R R Upadhyaya,Zakir Ali Rajanish, Zeeshan Haider Zaidy, and a young writer Manish Mohan Gore is active in this field.Dr. R. R. Upadhyaya is president of ISFWA.Mr Yugal kumar has lately published a few stories.Swapnil Bhartiya has alredy acqured a reputed status.