Saturday, August 11, 2007

Science Fiction as a Learning Device

On the Research and Media Network Dr. Arvind Mishra writes about a study in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India that science fiction can effectively teach science to both school children and lay people. He asks if this method of teaching science is used elsewhere around the world.

As I've written about previously, I think that's a great idea. At least here in the U.S. there seem to be some teachers who are using science fiction books and movies - both with good science and with bad science - to teach basic scientific concepts. I get the impression, however, that some are reluctant to use that approach because it might seem frivolous. Is that an accurate impression? I'd love to hear from people who are actually using science fiction as a science teaching tool. (via SF Signal)

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We have tried to introduce following to lay people using tableaux based on sf stories.
A. Cloning :Along with a mythological story sf dpictions on cloning very well explained the process and implications of the emerging technology to lay people.
B. Biotechnology : The science fictional biotech tree[very akin to mythological 'wishing tree'] demonstrated the potential of biotechnology.
C. Internet : Various parts of internet were displayed using sf themes.
D. Aforestation : The exhibits based on sf stories demonstrated the role of forests in human life .
E. Non conventional energy :Promotion and Use of non conventional energy sources.
F. Water harvesting : Traditional techniques of rain water harvesting and its necessity as narrated in many sf stories.
G. Rational use of pesticides : Promoting bio-pesticides instead of chemical pesticides ON THE BASIS OF PICTORIAL DEMONSTRATION OF RACHEL Carson's famous story'SILENT SPRING'.
H. Bio diesel :TAKING HELP OF OF STORIES ON ENERGY CRISIS OF NEAR FUTURE the use of Indian Jatropha plant was promoted for production of bio diesel.
I. Tsunami : Awareness and preservation of natural mangroves is the key was demonstrated after demonstrating many catstrophe models as described in sf stories.

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