Tuesday, June 10, 2008

'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' arrives in India

This film by Steven Spielberg is attracting student audience in Varanasi-a city of huge tourist attraction in India.In midst of their summer vacation the college film goers are thronging to enjoy the mega visual effects of the film and satiating their taste buds with Macdonald's cosmopolitan burgers during interval just to find if they really taste different.Spielberg and Macdonald's products both at one place and simultaneously -a synergistic bonanza indeed ! Isn't it ?
The film which I saw today is a real 'chu chu kaa murabaa' [an amalgam of the sort]with horror,adventure,mythology and toppings of a bit of sf of course at last .
Some scenes are really superb-a mushroom cloud for example and the grandiose take off of an alien ship.

The story is about some knowledge hungry aliens who in their thirst of never satiating newer knowledge arrive in the prehistory of earth.

And then there follows a lot of dhoom dhadakaa , hullabaloo while a team of Russian eccentrics led by a psychic lady and an equally crazy Americans arrives on the scene and play hide and seek to amuse the audience.
Moral of the story:
An age old adage,lust for knowledge is sin and lust for more knowledge is
even a greater sin.
Recommended,for college goers.