Saturday, July 7, 2007

sci fi in hindi

Science fiction in India especially in Hindi is in its nascent stage. Though it began in 1900 with the publication of 'chandralok ki yatra' by Babu Keshav prasad singh in Saraswati, a noted Hindi magzine,its only with the advent of Indian Science Fiction Writers Association-ISFWA in 1995 UNDER SECRETARYSHIP OF Dr. ARVIND MISHRA THAT SF WRITING IN INDIA gathered momentum.Presently Arvind mishra, Devendra mewari,Kalpana kulshresta,Harish Goyal, Dr R R Upadhyaya,Zakir Ali Rajanish, Zeeshan Haider Zaidy, and a young writer Manish Mohan Gore is active in this field.Dr. R. R. Upadhyaya is president of ISFWA.Mr Yugal kumar has lately published a few stories.Swapnil Bhartiya has alredy acqured a reputed status.

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