Saturday, July 7, 2007

scifi writers in India

Following is the list of prminent sci fi writers in India
In addition to author of this blog,
Shri Devendra Mewari
Zakir ali Rajanish
Manish Mohan Gore
Zeeshan Haidar Zaidi
Ms.Kalpana Kulshresta

Swapnil Bhartiya AND Harish Goyal.
Yugal Kumar is yet another sf writer who has published a few stories
recently. He and his wife Ms Kalpana kulshresta are only couple who both are
writing sf in Hindi.Dr.Rajiv ranjan upadhyaya is president of Indian science fiction writers society and is actively engaged in promotion of the genre.HE HAS PUBLISHED FEW ANTHOLGIES OF HIS OWN STORIES. Other reputed sci fi writers are Jeeshan haider Zaidy and Amit kumar. The list is yet incomplete...


  1. Hi. Grania Davis and I are currently compiling a collection of Asian science fiction and fantasy stories (in English) and have gathered stories by top writers from Japan, China, the Philippines, and Thailand. We'd like to consider some top-rate short stories from India, perhaps three or four of the best published in India for 2005-2006. I'm wondering if you might be able to let me know which those might be?

    That's a huge question, and perhaps the easiest way to answer it would be to list award-winning short stories up to 10,000 words. Our anthology is intended for a primarily North American audience, but we're interested in stories that have a perspective that's different from typical Anglo-American views of the world and universe.

    Grania and I recently published Speculative Japan: Outstanding Tales of Japanese SF & F (Kurodahan Press, 2007), Grania has edited several anthologies of her own, and we're both professionally published authors in Japan and the USA. The is a serious inquiry for a serious project. You can answer here, but please also e-mail me at my G-mail account:

    I hope I'll hear from someone in the know about Indian SF stories! Thanks for indulging my question.

  2. Welocome Mr Gene ,
    Please visit where I have discussed the issue in a bit detail.

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  4. Arvind - Thanks for linking me in the side bar.


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