Monday, November 10, 2008

National Discussion on sf begins in the holy city of Varanasi

National Discussion on sf begins in the holy city of Varanasi,India from today with representation of around 100 participants from many parts of India especially from southern part of India.We had a wonderful evening session of interacting and viewing a short film by Mark Lund named "First World' yesterday .It was very much appreciated by the audience.The film hints that aliens have not only arrived clandestinely on earth but are already living with us -a fact which is known by certain authorities but they are keeping it tight lipped.We had a marvelous dramatic presentation of a science fiction story through the puppetry -perhaps an attemt of first of its kind in the world.
We also had the opportunity of hearing a wonderful evening talk by Dr.Nellai Muthu From ISRO who in his lucid presentation emphasized on the facts and fiction associated with the moon .Tomorrow we are going to have the formal inaugural session of the discussion.
The detailed programme could be seen here .