Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Indian Mythology and science fiction

A very heated but lively debate on indian mythology and science fiction is just concluded on indiansciencefiction yahoogroups.Any one iterested to it please can go to forum directly.THE BOTTOM LINE OF THE DEBATE is-
There are many dreams yet to see the light of day of our ancestors in want of technology and many have already been realIzed with the progress of technology.


  1. Mythology and science fiction

    Science fiction is about imagining the future.The future of mankind.The pace with which technology is altering our ways of life its very much possible that we are going to have a world of tommorrow quite different from our todays world.Science fiction writers'try to foresee that future very well in advance.Jules Verne,the celebrated French writer of last century had such a prophetic vision and could very well predict the man's victory over MOON.
    Its not that predicting the future is man's persuit of recent origin.Our many scriptures are full of such references.Mythological descriptions of PUSPAK VIMAN which is depicted to have an endless capacity/facility to accomodate any passenger even at last moment of departure and which is also is an emotional entity,SUDARSHAN CHAKRA,which comes back to lord Krisna's hand after killing the enemy and MAYA YUDDH a kind of virtual war where it only seems that a war is in progress but nothing happens in reality are just a few cases in point.IS NOT THEN MYTHOLOGY AND SCI FI BOTH ARE ANALOGOUS IN CONTENT AND NATURE?
    Yes, our ancestors imagined all such bizzare and interesting things but alas the apropriate technology was not available at at contemporary times and we are still awaiting to see many of predictions made by our scripture writers to see the light of the day.AND MAY BE WE DONT HAVE TO WAIT LONG!INTELLIGENT MACHINES ARE ALREADY HERE.Many more things are in queu.We must salute wisdom of our ancecstors!Mythology still holds authencity to show us our future events like todays science fiction.


  2. People should read this.

  3. A debate would no doubt be a heated one if it is between Indian mythology and science fiction. I believe that science fiction not only envisions the future but also sometimes present fulfillment of some vision of ancient times...

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  5. Fictions can be hidden creativities of a humanbeing. When intelligent persons express fictiously, it is the brain working behind. The only thing these people want is a technological support. In future may be due to technological support the things are found comming true. the fictions wxpressed in Indian mythology are super thoughts of scientists (so called Rushis) of those days and scientists dont think in vein. I think our mythology is a treasure of things that could be scientically proved in future.
    Professor Shaikh, nrsshaikh@gmail.com


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