Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just Arrived :The Beast with Nine Billion Feet

Just Received

The Beast with Nine Billion Feet

Anil Menon
Zubaan Books
260 pp pbk

ISBN 9788189884390
Publisher:Zubaan Books
The book is just received,not read  but the very title and a bird eye  view  evoke some eerie feelings as if it is in tradition of the fables depicting  mythological characters  like 'Sahstrbaahu' -the one having thousands hands.It has to be seen how the learned author has blended the myth and sf in his debut sf novel.

Full review later.
The book is also available at


  1. मुखड़े की छहाँकी दिखाना बन्द कीजिए। पूरा रिव्यू दीजिए।

  2. Excellent! So we're seeing even more SF in the mainstream book market now. Congratulations to Mr. Anil Menon for the book, and I look forward to a detailed review from you Arvind ji.

    Hope it's available soon in the bookstore I frequent.

  3. Thanks Dr. Arvind - I just ordered this book after reading about it here.
    Also, seems to have the lowest price for this book among all Indian online stores.


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