Wednesday, December 17, 2008

5-56-10 Meme :Feedback and Follow Up !

The audience of Indian Science Fiction was rather lukewarm about this meme but some responses are worth mentioning here like this one by Cyril and this by Shruti .I have also updated the earlier post and have included the answers to the questions in sequence.
There seems to be a dichotomy still prevailing that literature and sf both are distinct genres.I am of the opinion that sf is a part and parcel of literature only and is therefore rightly categorized as branch of literature world over.Sf occupies in fact a very special but of course a small (but beautiful) niche in hitherto all the literary attributes and expressions of mankind.
So all the friends who have a natural longing to any kind of literary attributes are most welcome to the genre of sf too ,its only a branch of literature and nothing else.


  1. साइंस फिक्शन साहित्य की ही विधा है। कोई शक ही नहीं है।

  2. उपयोगी लिंक्‍स के लिए आभार।

  3. Hello Arvind ji,

    I only started reading a bit of sci-fi after Cyril's insistence. I must acknowledge that it's characters are amazing and the story world of Dune was exciting. As a writer, I learnt a lot from it.

    And it was fun doing 5-56-10.

  4. Thanks a lot Shruti for the comment and your interest in Sci Fi .


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