Thursday, January 5, 2012

Anil Menon Releases Books on Science Fiction for Indian Audience...

Anil Menon noted science fiction writer released two books of  science fiction stories in a workshop recently held in Lucknow. Workshop was aimed  to thrash out the issues relevant to science fiction writing in regional/intra- national  languages.Indian sf fandom  proposed  Anil Menon to be the Brand Ambassador of Indian science fiction and the proposal was unanimously accepted with thunderous applause. Mr.Menon shared his own experiences of being an sf writer. 

Science Fiction in India is being released by Anil Menon(second from left)with other eminent  Indian SF dignitaries on dais.  

He emphasized that workshops on sf writing could only be more fruitful if they are planned for longer times,say three or four weeks. Longer workshops offer more informal get together and encouragements for the participants to interact freely with trainers /sf writers of eminence. The workshop in Lucknow was held on 26-27 December,2011 and was organised jointly be Vigyan Prasar ,National Book Trust, India and a voluntary  local organization TASLIM. 
Buddha Future released! 

The books released were ,"Science Fiction in India"  edited by Dr.Arvind Mishra et al and "Buddha Future" written by noted Hindi SF writer Zeashan Haider Zaidy.  Science Fiction in India unveils a panorama of Indian science fiction .its burning issue and prospects and advocates strongly for establishing  a government aided national centre for promotion of Indian Sf and writers. 

The book also presents the salient features of Benaras Document on Indian Sf as prepared by eminent Indian sf writers and critics during NCSTC (DST,GOI) funded first ever national discussion on science fiction held in Varanasi in 2008. The other book released by Mr. Menon ,'Buddha Future ' (Aged future) is a sub genre of science fiction humour hitherto of its own kind in annals of sf writing in India. We often hear of  mystery sf.adventure sf, jungle sf story ,romantic sf and so on so forth but there is no mention ever of humour sf!The book therefore attains a special  status.