Tuesday, December 9, 2008

5-56 Meme : What is it any way ?

I was a bit perplexed when Peggy tagged me for this game of an academic sort and tried hard to understand what this all is really about .It all began with Henry who introduced the game and responses are now pouring in.The game is perhaps a kind of barometer to check to what extent are the sf bloggers engaged in reading the sf literature or what level of being a bibliophile one has achieved.Quite an interesting game which invites you to choose ten sf books of your choice and just scribble down the fifth sentence on page 56 of all of them and invite your friends in turn to guess the books where these extracts are selected from.And then declare the answers.
Peggy as I know her is a bibliophile par excellence and the list of sf books which she has hitherto read impresses as well as disappoints a person like me who finds himself no where in comparison to her accomplishments as a bibliophile. So when I got tagged by her I experienced it not only as a happy moment but a teaser as well.Ok Peggy,here I go -
1-I feared every turning of the street would present to my view.I did not dare to return to the apartment which I inhabited ,but felt impelled to hurry on ,although drenched by the rain which poured from black and comfortless sky.
2-This concert was brought to a close by the announcement of dinner .At the moment our hunter
returned ,who had been seeing his horses provided for ;that is to say ,he had economically let them loose in the fields,........
3-I hope you think it's an improvement .I can't say same about your beard.
4-"Well then -"and the historian got to his feet and stood for a moment ,glaring.
5-It all happened in an instant -a bur of movement in the water directly below him ,and then he saw only her long ,shapely legs receding as she sped away from him .
6-....radiation from the nuclear power plants surrounding Lake Michigan might produced mutations in N.rhombopteryx.
7-There were only sand ,machines ,and a few unhappy opportunistic weeds.
8-She had been an animal handler in developmental biology before she had been "terminated because of dereliction of duty".
9-Two minutes into flight a thought so ridiculous ,so absurd hit her that she could not help giggling ,sending laughter ripples through her gel bed.
10-Even when I know what I'm doing and think about where my husband is ,I still want to be Christian.
So friends it is my take of the game and the list is some sort of a ' selector's items '-my favourite novels/anthologies presented here in almost in chronological order .At least one of the list may not be strictly an sf item but it shoul be atken as a part of the game.
And I tag -
5-Vandana Singh
The Answers-
1-Frankenstein ,Published in India by Orient Paperbacks ,New Delhi,1976
2-Journey to the Centre of the Earth ,Wordsworth Editions Limited ,Great Britain ,1996
3-2010-Odyssey Two [A.C.Clarke];Granada Publishing Limited , London,1983
4-The Dead Past, The Best SF of Issac Asimov ,[The anthology is published in USA but surprisigly there is no mention of publisher.strange..!]
5-Encounters,edited by Isaac Asimov,HEADLINE BOOK PUBLISHING PLC.1988
6-The Gaint Book of sf stories,Edited by Issac Asimov,Magpie Books Ltd ,London,1992l
7-The Gaint Book of Modern SF,Edited by Gardner Dozois ,Magpie Book Limited .London,1995
8-Mutation by Robin Cook ,Indian Edition ,Rupa &Co. by arrangements with Pan Books Ltd.,London,1989
9-River of Gods,Ian Macdonald,Pyr,an imprint of Promethius Books,New York ,2006
10-Quantico,Greg Bear,Vanguard Press NY,2007
Thanks !